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Grit Conversion

Use this CONVERSION CHART as a guide to know when you can start using MICRO- MESH™. Use conventional abrasives as normal prior to going into the MICRO-MESH™ stage. It is advantageous to use MICRO-MESH™ as soon as possible in your finishing process as it gives a more consistent scratch pattern and therefore a better surface finish. This chart should act as a guide to find the "range" of Micro-Mesh in which to use.

The first column, MICRO-MESH™ ALUMINUM OXIDE, is a guide for solid surface (countertop) finishing. If you are using colored Micro-Mesh™, refer to the color charts below to determine the grit you are using first.

Use the second column when finishing softer materials such as plastics, fiberglass, paint, and wood.

Refer to the third column for metal polishing.