Cultured Marble/Polymer Vanities

Don’t let a dull vanity wreck the look of your bathroom!

Have you noticed your cultured marble vanity looking less vibrant than it was when first installed?  If you’ve tried over the counter products and cleansers you may have made it look even worse, especially if you’ve used a non-woven scub pad or steel wool on it.   The dullness in the finish is caused by a series of tiny scratches you’ve caused by using improper cleaners and tools. 

Sure, you have to take some time to buff, scrub and polish the surface, but if the damage is gone for good – isn’t it worth it?

The Micro-Mesh system will remove those tired, dull layers of polymer along with the damage and then allow you to restore the amount of gloss to match the original finish!  All without using toxic, environmentally unfriendly products!  The Micro-Mesh system is a complete repair system for your cultured marble’s finish.  It is not a filler or wax product that will eventually deteriorate.  The damage will not return!  Your entire bathroom will look newer and fresher!