Paint Perfecting

MICRO-MESH products can be used to perfect paint:

  • Remove runs
  • Smooth orange peel
  • Remove oxidation, pits and craters caused by acid rain
  • Remove scratches 
  • Removing paint overspray
  • Removing dried on de-icing fluid
  • Remove dirt defects

The cushioning elements of MICRO-MESH allows you to level and smooth defected areas of the paint without damaging the original substrate beneath.

This application in not a grit specific process and will require testing on your part to find the correct grades required. Email our customer service department from the home page. 

  • Variances of hardness between different brands of paint
  • Cure time
  • Whether the process is being done by hand or with a random orbital

All are factors that go into the decision of what grade to begin with.  If in doubt, do not start any coarser than MICRO-MESH 4000 and then back up until the damage is removed, and the surface is flattened.  Once all damage is removed, proceed thru the finer MICRO-MESH grades, buff in MICRO-GLOSS liquid abrasive, apply a good quality wax and you’re as good as new.