Solid Surface Countertops

Accidents can happen to anyone – simply fix it with the Micro-Mesh system of products!

  • Did you set a boiling pot of soup on your solid surface countertop and walk away only to come back and find a burn mark? 
  • Did you get interrupted while doing dishes and leave a wet cookie sheet sit and then later discover a stain? 
  • What were you thinking when you slid the heavy, stoneware coffee mug across the countertop to your guest? 
  • Have you taught the kids (and your better half) why we use cutting boards? 
  • Yes, pet claws can scratch the surface. 

The great thing about solid surface countertops is that they can be Micro-Meshed down and repolished to whatever finish you have:  matte, satin, gloss or high gloss finish.  Try doing that with a granite or stone or laminate top!

Spot repairs vs. overall repair

If you’ve got a fairly new solid surface countertop or sink and there are only several spots of damage, we suggest using our Countertop Repair Kit for spot repair removal.  This kit will allow you to remove the damage and then restore the amount of luster to match the original surface finish by feathering and blending.  You use this kit by hand or if you want to restore your solid surface sink.  Can be used on both poly-acrylic and acrylic solid surface materials.


If however, your entire countertop surface looks less than satisfactory, you will want to use our Micro-Mesh AO Disc Variety Pack and resurface the entire thing.  You will need the proper tool prior to ordering the AO discs.  For a good result you will need a 5″ or 6″ RANDOM (also known as DUAL action)orbital sander.  If concerned about dust, you will want to purchase a sander with a vacuum system attachment.  Every brand of sander will have a different set of vacuum holes, ie;  5″ 8 hole or 6″ 5-hole.  Every brand will either have a smooth back up pad in which case you will want to order adhesive discs, or it will come with a hook back-up pad in which you will order loop discs.  We will custom make the discs to fit your sander, which is why you need to get your sander first.  Discs will last up to 90 square feet when used properly, ie:  do not use on sharp edges or corners, or run on high speed sanders or apply considerable pressure while using.  Huge results for a small investment!


ss_sanding.jpg     before_after_counter.jpg