Welcome to Micro-surface Finishing

Hobby Industry

Micro-Mesh is widely used in the hobby industry.  We've listed a few of the most popular uses, but there are many more such as:

  • Billiards - Manufacturing and polishing of pool cues.  Use Micro-Mesh Regular grades.
  • Bowling - polishing the balls to match the amount of grip needed to the lane conditions.  Use Micro-Mesh Regular grades.
  • Watch and Clock Crystals - Removing scratches and haze on plastic crystals - use Micro-Mesh Regular and Micro-Gloss liquid abrasive. *Do not use on glass watch crystals.
  • Decoupage - To rub out the laquered/varnished finish - use Micro-Mesh Regular.
  • Fire arms - To polish gun stocks, use Micro-Mesh Regular.
  • Knives and swords -  Use Micro-Mesh MX to polish blades and Micro-Mesh Regular to polish wood handles
  • Porcelain Restoration and china repair - To smooth out chips and damage prior to repainting - Use Micro-Mesh Regular or AO grades.
  • Radio and Electronic Equipment and Gear - To polish and remove scratches from displays and remove corrosion from electrical parts - Use Micro-Mesh Regular for plastic portions and Micro-Mesh MX for metal objects.
  • Golfing - To remove scratches and scuffs from clubs - Use Micro-Mesh MX grades along with Micro-Gloss liquid abrasives.
  • Snow and Surf Boards - Use Micro-Mesh Regular grades to polish and remove any drag from coated surfaces, buff with Micro-Gloss liquid abrasive.  Improves speed and glide.