Micro-Surface® Flannel Polishing Cloth


SKU: MS-98


By the time you’ve completed your first restoral project you will have learned what a vitally important part the cloth you use for cleaning and/or buffing actually is.

Using anything other than 100 % cotton cloth; ie: paper towels, synthetic wipers, terry cloth can cause damage.  It is very important not to use any of these items or cloth that has a stitched edge or any surface texture whatsoever which could transfer to your work surface.

Our flannel can be washed and re-used and most importanly will not grind dirt particles that it may pick up during the cleaning process back into your transparency.

Small details are sometimes the most important, which is why we always include our flannel in our kits.  Keep plenty on hand.  Available by individual sheet.  One sheet per unit each.

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