Micro-Mesh® Golf Cart Windshield Repair DRILL Kit


SKU: MS-124



1-5″ Black Lamb® Tuf Buf Natural Wool Polishing Pad
1-5″ Micro-Surface Foam Polishing Pad
1-5″ Drill Back-up Pad
1-8 ounce bottle of Bug Blaster Insect Spray Remover
1-8 ounce bottle of Micro-Gloss®#5 Liquid Abrasive, Green Label
1-8 ounce bottle of Micro-Gloss® Liquid Abrasive, Blue Label
1-8 ounce bottle of Micro-Surface® Final Finish Protectant
2-Micro-Surface® Flannel Polishing Cloths
2-5″ Loop Discs, Micro-Mesh® 1500
2-5″ Loop Discs, Micro-Mesh® 2400
2-5″ Loop Discs, Micro-Mesh® 3600
1-3-way Micro-Mesh® buffing stick for testing plastic

This kit is designed to remove insect residue, remove surface scratches and haze and protect the surface of the windshield. The only tool required is a cordless drill.

Do a test with the included buffing stick to determine if your windshield is polycarbonate or acrylic. If acrylic – you will be able to remove significant damage.

If polycarbonate, you will not be able to remove deep damage, but you will be able to remove very light scratches and haze. The windshield will become much brighter and clearer to see through.

This kit will restore up to 100 square feet of plastic. The components are reuseable giving you the best possible value.

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