Micro-Surface® Interface Foam Pad

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SKU: MS-102


Extra cushioning for extra gloss!  This soft, 1″ thick foam pad has loop on one side and hook on the other side.  Simply attach the loop side of this pad to the hook face back-up pad that comes with your tool.  Attach our loop back MICRO-MESH® discs to the hook side of the interface pad and you’re ready to go. If the back-up pad that came with your power tool is medium to hard density, attaching this soft interface pad will provide the required cushioning you will need to get the best finish possible.  If the abrasive is making too much contact with the surface, especially for Micro-Mesh® grades 4000 thru 12000, you can easily dull the finish.  Adding this pad is the answer to that problem.

Remember that when working on concave or convex surfaces, using a hard to medium density back up pad is counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve.  Add this interface pad and you’ll notice a difference immediately in ease of use.

Choose the size required for the tool you will be using it with.  One pad per unit each.

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