Micro-Mesh® Kitchen & Bath Maintenace Set


SKU: MS-84


In today’s economy we all want to protect our investments. A little damage can turn into big damage if expensive assets are left to age instead of being maintained, driving down overall value of your home. This set of three kitchen and bath kits solve a multitude of problems that will save you big bucks in the end!

The following kits use a combination of Micro-Mesh® and Micro-Gloss® liquid abrasives for damage removal and restoration. These products are true repair kits and do not contain fillers and waxes.

Micro-Surface® Scratch Away Sink Restore Kit
This kit removes surface scratches and damage caused by utensils, pots and pans, non-woven cleaners and steel wool.

Micro-Surface® Scratch Away Countertop Restore Kit
Removes stains, burn marks and scratches from solid surface countertops, such as Corian. Use for spot repairs.

Micro-Surface® Scratch Away Tub and Spa Restore Kit
This kit removes discoloration, scratches, scuffs and even burn marks from tubs, spas, and tub surrounds.

Separately, you would pay $19.99 per kit. We’re offering you a savings of $24.02 to purchase the set! You’re getting a great value because these kits can be used, stored, and re-used again and again!

WARNING: Prop 65 Regulated – Refer to “Regulatory” and “Safety Data Sheet”  sections of the  Product Tool Box on this page, for details.

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