Micro-Mesh® Nail Buffer

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Clean, condition, and shine – one tool does it all!  These specialized MICRO-MESH® buffers are the longest lasting buffers on today’s market – see for yourself!  They’re disinfectable and gentle on your nails.  Polishes natural nails to such a high gloss, they’ll think you’re wearing clear nail polish.  Smooths and seals the nail so if you are a nail polish user, your nail polish will chip less and last longer!  Available in many different sizes, styles and colors – we’ve offered below our most popular sizes: 1/2″ x 5 3/4″, 5/8″ x 5 3/4″ and 11/16″ x 7″.  One buffer per unit each.

Tri-Grade Buffers:

  • Pink – Micro-Mesh® 2400 (coarse) or Black – Micro-Mesh® 2400 (coarse)
  • White – Micro-Mesh® 4000
  • Gray – Micro-Mesh® 12000 (fine)

Quad-Grade Buffers:

  • Black – Micro-Mesh®180 MX (coarse)
  • Pink -Micro-Mesh® 2400
  • White – Micro-Mesh® 4000
  • Gray – Micro-Mesh® 12000 (fine)

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