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Restoral Services


A Company You Can Rely On

Micro-Surface has a fully staffed Window Repair Department located at its Iowa facility. Our FAA-licensed window technicians have been repairing aircraft transparencies of all types for over forty years. Their dedication and quality of workmanship make them unequaled in the field of restoration. You can count on having your transparency returned to service quickly and affordably.

Products You Can Trust

Micro-Surface demands that products are environmentally safe. Our polishes and liquid abrasives are water based and contain absolutely no solvents, alcohol, or wax that can damage transparencies over time. Our Window Repair Department only uses Micro-Mesh™ abrasives manufactured by Micro-Surface Finishing Products. Micro-Mesh™ is a cushioned abrasive that gently removes damage without harming the substrate underneath resulting in a crystal clear restoral.

Saving Customers Money

In situ restorals can be performed on the transparencies without having to remove them from the plane. This avoids damage that can take place during the removal and replacement process.


Our FAA-certified technicians travel nationwide to repair pressurized cabin transparencies in place. They are trusted industry wide for their expertise, thoroughness, and ability to repair crazing, chips and scratches both in the field or in our fully-equipped restoral facility.


  • Visual Inspections
  • Scratch and Crazing Removal
  • Chemical Damage Repair
  • Chip Repair
  • Paint Over Spray Removal
  • Distortion Removal
  • In Situ Restorals on both inner and outer windows
  • In-house or on site Restorals
  • Polycarbonate Transparency Rectification





Call to schedule or request a quote on in-house or on-site restorals, 800-225-3006.