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Essentials for anyone restoring plastics! You will receive 1 bottle each of the following: Micro-Gloss® #5 Liquid Abrasive – 8 ounce Bottle Micro-Gloss® 1 Micron Liquid Abrasive – 8 ounce Bottle Anti-Static Cream and Protectant – 8 ounce Bottle Micro-Finish® Polish – 8 ounce Bottle Final Finish Conditioner – 8 ounce Bottle. This is a $65.64 value for only $49.95 during this limited time!

MICRO-GLOSS®: A 1-micron aluminum oxide, water-based liquid abrasive.  It is used as the final step for finishing plastics, fiberglass, wood, silver, gold, copper, brass, lacquer and paint urethanes to name a few.  This unique liquid removes hairline scratches, haze and halos!.  Contains no fillers or wax that could yellow or damage.  Micro-Gloss® will remove a scratch pattern left by 4000 Micro-Mesh®.  It can be used by hand or for a more aggressive result – a rotary tool.  Approved by Boeing and Lockheed Martin as safe for aircraft transparencies.

MICRO-GLOSS®#5:  A more aggressive 5-micron aluminum oxide, water-based liquid abrasive.  This liquid is used in lieu of sanding.  It will remove a scratch left by 2400 grit Micro-Mesh.  You will need to follow this liquid with regular Micro-Gloss®.  If used alone, it will leave haze.  The 1-micron liquid abrasive would remove this haze.  Safe for use on aircraft transparencies.

MICRO-FINISH®:  This compound is a polish that is used as the final step to remove any residual haze, to brighten and give a pristeen finish.

MICRO-SURFACE® FINAL FINISH:  A soft vinyl conditioner which combines a high-quality carnuba wax with a soft cutting liquid abrasive.  Great for vinyl convertible windows and boat side curtains.

MICRO-SURFACE® ANTI-STATIC CREME:  This compound contains a protectant and is designed to remove static electricity that could cause dirt and dust to be drawn back to your newly polished surfaces.

WARNING: Prop 65 Regulated – Refer to “Regulatory” and “Safety Data Sheet”  sections of the  Product Tool Box on this page, for details.

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