Micro-Surface® Maintenance Kit for use with Rotary Buffer


SKU: MS-46


This kit removes very minor surface scratches and haze. Restores up to 100 square feet of acrylic to optical clarity. Use with a 5″ rotary buffer. Please review Tool Box information for additonal product details.

Kit Contains:

1 – 5″ Black Lamb® TufBuf natural wool polishing pad
1 – 5″ Micro-Surface® foam polishing pad
1 – 5″ Hook face extra soft back-up pad

1-5″ Extra Soft Interface Pad
1 – 8 ounce Bottle Micro-Gloss® Liquid Abrasive
1 – 8 ounce Bottle Micro-Surface® Anti-Static Cream
2 – Micro-Surface® flannel sheets

This kit is also offered in a Cordless Drill Kit version.

WARNING: Prop 65 Regulated – Refer to “Regulatory” and “Safety Data Sheet”  sections of the  Product Tool Box on this page, for details.

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